WHS 2015 Testimonial 5

Excellent meeting. Hope its outcome materializes all over the world for the benefit of all patients.

WHS 2015 Testimonial 3

Very educative and inspiring sense of belonging to a global community of common zeal and enthusiasm with an amazing experience of shared-individual and collective strategies at combating the viral hepatitis scare and the prospects of networking.

WHS 2015 Testimonial 1

We learnt through presentations the global situation of hepatitis all over the world and the toolkits of a national planning.  It was also an opportunity to share experiences between governments and civil society.

WHS 2017 Testimonial 5

The summit is a perfect platform for civil societies, governments, private sector, and public health professions to meet, exchange experiences and knowledge, and partner collectively to eliminate hepatitis by 2030.

WHS 2017 Testimonial 4

An exciting avenue for learning, sharing, networking but above all meeting exciting minds interested in the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030. These were all committed minded people from across the globe.

WHS 2017 Testimonial 3

The attendance was excellent … with 41 member states sending official representatives and nine Ministers of Health being personally present.

WHS 2017 Testimonial 1

Innovative and exciting ideas for me to discuss with other colleagues and to engage other stakeholders to form action plans.

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