About Manal

Manal El-Sayed, MD, is Professor of Pediatrics at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, where she trained in medicine and subsequently completed her masters and doctorate in Pediatrics. Since 1990 she has worked in pediatric hematology and oncology teams developing a program for the management of liver disease in children and adolescents with hematological disorders, malignancies and recipients of bone marrow transplantation at Ain Shams University, National Cancer Institute and 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital. She is a founding member of the Egyptian National Committee for Control of Viral Hepatitis (NCCVH) since 2006 charged with planning and implementing the nationwide program for prevention and management of viral hepatitis. Professor El-Sayed contributed to the establishment of 55 nationwide specialised liver centers connected through a database networking system for management of patients with viral hepatitis, where 350,000 HCV-infected patients received therapy with interferon. In 2014, the NCCVH introduced the new direct antiviral agents at 1% of the international price and so far more than half 900,000 patients received treatment setting-up a global elimination program model. In collaboration with WHO, US-CDC, Pasteur Institute among national stakeholders, Prof El-Sayed contributed to the development of the national action plan for prevention and control of viral hepatitis published on October 2014. She also authored and co-authored numerous journal articles on hepatitis and liver diseases and participated in the development of the WHO’s HBV, HCV and diagnostic guidelines. She is an active board member and secretary general of the Egyptian Liver Care Society, a non-governmental organisation supporting needy patients undergoing liver transplantation or treatment of hepatitis. She is also the clinical director of the national HCV Pediatric treatment program. Since 2011 Professor El-Sayed has been appointed as Vice Chair of the WHO’s Technical Advisory Group for Prevention and Control of Viral Hepatitis in Egypt 2012 through 2018. She has also been assigned in 2016 as the director of the clinical research unit and co-supervisor of the viral hepatitis treatment center at Ain Shams University.