About Wangsheng

Mr. Wangsheng Li is president of ZeShan Foundation, a privately-funded foundation based in Hong Kong with an international reach. ZeShan is committed to improving the lives of the less privileged through grantmaking, capacity-building, and philanthropy in the areas of health, education, human and social services, and humanitarian aid and post-disaster community rebuilding (www.ZeShanFoundation.org).

Mr. Li has had a lifetime career in the non-profit sector. In recent years, he has focused on equity in and access to quality health care in under-served parts of China and around the world, and on the advancement of philanthropy. One of the key initiatives he’s involved in currently is to create a dedicated international funding program for support of activities toward the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030 in the context of WHO hepatitis elimination strategy (www.EndHEP2030.org).

This speaker will be presenting at the following session(s)

  • Different financing mechanisms for viral hepatitis programmes

    Golden Hall

    Day: 3 November

    Time: 11:00

    This session examines potential hepatitis financing mechanisms that will be required for countries to launch, accelerate and sustain public health responses to viral hepatitis.

    Chairs: Dr Adele Benzaken, Ministry of Health, Brazil and Dr. Philippe Duneton, Unitaid


    • From economic analysis to financial dialogue.
      Dr. Homie Razavi, Center for Disease Analysis Foundation
    • A new Fund for Elimination of Viral Hepatitis: EndHEP2030.
      Wangsheng Li, Zeshan Foundation
    • Getting started with funding: catalytic initiatives.
      Taryn Barker, Clinton Health Access Initiative
    • Engaging Ministries of Finance.
      Eduardo González-Pier, Center for Global Development
    • Domestic funding.
    • Jeremy Lauer, World Health Organization, in conversation with Dr. Chinburen Jigjidsuren, Ministry of Health, Mongolia
    • Q & A session.

    Session objectives:

    • Understand the global investment case and its use in attracting donors.
    • Learn how to ensure the support of Ministries of Finance.
    • Understand how the public and private sector can be combined.
    • Discover how 3 countries have approached hepatitis financing.