About Shangeetha

Shangeetha Thirumayni is currently working on HCV Access and Affordability project at the Malaysian AIDS Council. She has a Master in Regional Integration from University Malaya. Her main areas of interest include orphan disease, pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement, and market access.

This speaker will be presenting at the following session(s)

  • Options for countries without access to generic hepatitis medicines

    Ballroom 1

    Day: 2 November

    Time: 12:00

    Chairs: Ellen ‘t Hoen, University of Groningen, Netherlands and Dr. Massimo Ghidinelli, World Health Organization


    • Introduction to Intellectual Property.
      Ellen ‘t Hoen, University of Groningen, Netherlands
    • Patent opposition.
    • Olivier Maguet, Médecins du Monde
    • Malaysian strategy for access to HCV DAAs: road to compulsory licensing.
    • Shangeetha Thirumayni, Malaysian AIDs Council
    • How the interplay among scientific societies, medicines agency, and patients associations favoured drug price negotiation and allowed universal treatment of HCV: the Italian experience.
      Prof. Edoardo G. Giannini, University of Genoa, Italy
    • PAHO Strategic Fund - pooled procurement to improve access to high cost hepatitis medicines in commercial markets.
    • Juliana Vallini, Pan American Health Organization
    • Q & A session.