About Radi

Radi serves as the general director of the Viral Hepatitis Control Department, Ministry of Health, Egypt since June 2015. He is operating the national HCV screening campaign as well as coordinating preventive activities of viral hepatitis control and prevention. Radi contributed to build teams in 27 Governorates who were able to test more than 3 million within 9 months. He led central teams who work for supply management as well as Monitoring and evaluation process.

Radi fulfilled master degree in Hepatology, Cairo University 2010. He completed master of Business administration in healthcare Managment, Loyola University, Chicago 2012. Also,he has participated in some clinical trials in chronic HCV and injection safety. He has number of articles in the field of hepatology in peer reviewed journals.

This speaker will be presenting at the following session(s)

  • Testing interventions

    Ballroom 1

    Day: 2 November

    Time: 14:00

    Chairs: Dr. Maria Cassia Mendes-Correa, Sao Paulo University, Brazil and Dr. Francesco Negro Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland


    • Introduction including a brief overview of WHO testing guidelines and implementation.
    • Prof. Philippa Easterbrook, World Health Organization
    • Diagnostics: present and future innovations.
    • Dr. Saleem Kamili, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Are HBV community-based screening campaigns feasible and acceptable: the PROLIFICA experience.
    • Dr. Maud Lemoine, Imperial College London, UK
    • Scaling-up a national screening programme for hepatitis C.
    • Dr. Radi Hammad, Ministry of Health, Egypt
    • Q & A session.

    Session objectives:

    • Review the scientific, logistical, ethical and political process leading to the implementation of state-of-the-art testing for viral hepatitis.
    • Discuss the feasibility and validity of diagnostic algorithm simplifications.
    • Define what testing strategies should be applied in different settings.
    • Discuss the preliminary results of testing strategies in selected areas.