About Jean Damascène

Dr Jean Damascène Makuza, Medical Doctor, Masters of Epidemiology, 39 years old from Kigali, Rwanda.

He got Bachelors degree in National university of Rwanda and masters degree in University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and other Health Sciences, School of Public Health.

From 2008 after getting his medicine degree, He worked as clinician and public health civil servant in District Hospital and in central level mainly in area of HIV/AIDS , STIs and OBBI prevention and Control. From June 2016 to now He is the Ag. Director of Sexual Transmitted Infections and Viral Hepatitis in HIV/AIDS, STIs and OBBI Division within Rwanda Biomedical Center.

In his career, He has been regularly trained nationally and internationally on HIV/AIDS, STIs and Viral hepatitis prevention and control. He attended international and national conferences and symposia on HIV/AIDs, STIs and Viral Hepatitis as speaker or participants. He is author of different articles on Cervical cancer, Paeditric mortality and viral hepatitis.

This speaker will be presenting at the following session(s)

  • Strategic direction 4: financing for sustainability

    Golden Hall

    Day: 3 November

    Time: 09:00

    The first of two plenary sessions on strategic direction 4, which addresses the sustainable financing of hepatitis responses within a whole health systems approach.

    Chairs: Dr. Amanda Kgomotso Vilakazi Nhlapo, National Department of Health, South Africa and Dr. John Ward, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


    • A strategic approach to financing hepatitis.
      Charles Gore, World Hepatitis Alliance
    • Costing, delivery and financing for hepatitis – the linkages.
      Dr. Jeremy Lauer, World Health Organization
    • Panel discussion: financing for hepatitis within a health systems approach.
      Moderator: Dr. Eduardo González Pier, Center for Global Development
      Dr. David Wilson, World Bank
      Dr. Jean Damascene Makuza, Rwanda Biomedical Center
      Dr. Jeremy Lauer, World Health Organization
      Dr. Homie Razavi, Center for Disease Analysis Foundation

      Dr. Cielo Yaneth Ríos-Hincapié, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Colombia

    Session objective:

    • Discover how to approach hepatitis costing, budgeting and financing in a structured way.
    • Understand how the financing system must match the service delivery model and where there are opportunities for integration.
    • Learn how countries can best approach sustainable financing for hepatitis.