About Lia

Dr. Lia Gvinjilia is a health professional with over 15 years of work experience in the clinical sector and public health field. After graduation from medical school, she gained extensive clinical experience while working as an Ob/Gyn doctor.  She received her PhD from Moscow Medical Academy. Her focus was on all aspects of clinical work; particularly Dr. Lia Gvinjilia has remarkable experience in the management of pregnancy complications in women with inherited and acquired thrombophilia. More recently, she earned MS degree in Epidemiology from State University of New York at Albany within New York State International Training and Research Fellowship Program. Since 2008 Dr. Lia Gvinjilia has been working at USAID-funded John Snow Inc. (JSI) projects implemented in Georgia as a Post abortion Care project manager and later in the position of Reproductive Health/Family Planning Technical Expert and Quality Improvement Adviser.  She was responsible for planning, budgeting, and monitoring RH/FP activities. She provided technical leadership in Quality Improvement Initiatives.

Currently Dr. Lia Gvinjilia is working as a monitoring and evaluation program manager within Georgia HCV Elimination program. She is responsible for establishing, modifying and monitoring key performance indicators, providing accountability of data analysis, ensuring data rigorous data collection tools and oversees program progress. Dr. Lia Gvinjilia in actively involved in communication with information system developers to assist in monitoring system design. She assists in preparing relevant program reports and participates in program related workshops. Dr. Lia Gvinjilia provides support in coordinating across the available components of the program to ensure effective implementation of monitoring and evaluation. 

This speaker will be presenting at the following session(s)

  • The critical role of strategic information: HCV elimination in Georgia

    Ballroom 1

    Day: 1 November

    Time: 15:30

    Chairs: Dr. Francisco Averhoff, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Dr. Helen Harris, Public Health England


    • The birth of The HCV elimination in Georgia: the focus on strategic information.
    • Assessing the burden of disease: the planning, conduct and use of a National Seroprevalence Survey.
    • Dr. Amiran Gamkrelidze, National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia
    • Monitoring the care cascade: developing a robust screening and treatment information system.
    • Dr. Lia Gvinjilia, CDC Foundation
    • The critical role of research in HCV elimination.
    • Dr. Tinatin Kuchuloria, CDC Foundation
    • Modelling the epidemic to guide interventions.
    • Prof. Peter Vickerman, University of Bristol, UK
    • Q & A session.

    Session objectives:

    • Learn the importance of a well conducted population serosurvey to guide development of an evidence-based national strategy/plan.
    • Understand the importance of a robust strategic information system to guide and monitor an elimination program.
    • Learn the key role of partnerships in developing a world class information system.