About Florence Zeh

Florence Zeh Kakanou serves as Sub Director in charge of Viral hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, TB and STI at the Department for the Control of Disease, Epidemics and Pandemics at the Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon since 2013. Dr. Florence joined the regional level in 2012 as regional coordinator of HIV/AIDS and STI of the Center region. Previously, she worked as Chief Medical Officer of CMA Limbe and Ahala, concomitantly with her position of focal point for STI/hepatitis, HIV, RH, PMTCT, and TB at the district service of Limbe and Efoulan from 2003 to 2011. She is one of the national supervisor and trainer on STI since 2002.

Her interest and expertise are in the field of epidemiology and prevention of viral hepatitis, HIV, TB, STIs and RH, but also in community health, occupational health and quality improvement. Dr. Florence received her MD and DIU on HIV from the Faculty of Medicine of Yaoundé I of Cameroon. She is experienced in strategic planning and management of key and vulnerable populations.