About Khalil

Khalil Elouardighi is the Director of Advocacy at Coalition PLUS, an international coalition of francophone community-based organisations fighting HIV and viral hepatitis in 14 countries.

Khalil has been active in the fight against AIDS and for access to medicines since 1998 ; prior to joining Coalition PLUS in 2008, he spent  9 years with French AIDS activist group Act Up-Paris. In 2010 he received the Young Investigator Award of the International AIDS Society for his work on barriers to access to pegylated interferon. He was part of the civil society campaign to convince the Global Fund and UNITAID to address hepatitis co-infection among people living with HIV/AIDS, and he now serves as an advisor to the civil society delegates to the Governance Boards of both institutions.

This speaker will be presenting at the following session(s)

  • Speeding access to innovative hepatitis C products: Unitaid’s key role


    Day: 1 November

    Time: 17:30

    This evening side meeting presents Unitaid’s investment and operating model in the context of the emerging global response to hepatitis C. It will share the results of Unitaid-funded projects related to hepatitis C. It will also explore opportunities for potential future investments. 


    • Opening remarks – Unitaid’s model and its relevance for Hepatitis C.
    • Where are we today?
    • Developing a simplified mode of care for HCV.
      Anne Loarec, Médicins Sans Frontère
    • Creating demand and innovative solutions for access to HCV treatment.
      Khalil Elouardighi, Coalition Plus
    • Facilitating access to HCV treatment through voluntary licensing
      Greg Perry, Medicines Patent Pool
    • Facilitating diagnostic solutions
      Francesco Marinucci, FIND
    • Putting the pieces together to maximise benefits.
      Dr. Marc Bulterys, World Health Organization
    • Moderated discussion.