About Christian

 Prof. Christian TREPO, M.D. Ph.D., Emeritus Professor at Claude Bernard University, and member of several public (Inserm) and private scientific committees. 

Christian TREPO graduated from the University of Lyon and was granted a fellowship by the Fogarty International Center National Institutes of Health to complete his training in Virology and in Hepatology at Cornell University.

He was then promoted Professor and Chief of the Liver Unit.

Past-President of the French Association for the Study of the Liver, he was awarded the Career Achievement Award from EASL.

His research and clinical interests are directed at HIV and hepatitis viruses. His work is published in numerous publications.

This speaker will be presenting at the following session(s)

  • Strategic direction 5: innovation for acceleration

    Golden Hall

    Day: 3 November

    Time: 13:30

    Innovation can help drive towards the overall objective of hepatitis elimination in a wide range of settings. This innovation session will highlight innovations related to hepatitis B and C products, programs and policies.

    Chairs: Dr. Joseph Tucker, University of North Carolina, USA and Dr. Francesco Marinucci, FIND


    • Introduction.
    • Michael Ninburg, World Hepatitis Alliance
    • Decentralization of hepatitis services and the ECHO experience.
    • Dr. Henry Cohen, ECHO Project, Uruguay
    • Progress towards an HBV cure: A direct outcome of an integrated HIV / hepatitis research agenda in France.
    • Prof. Christian Trepo, Claude Bernard University, Lyon
    • Innovation panel.
    • − End Hep C SF: HCV Elimination by Prioritizing Engagement of Marginalized Populations
      − Identifying the optimal care model for HCV care in Cambodia, and overcoming barriers to decentralization and scale-up: Médecins Sans Frontières’ pilot program
      − Hepatitis Nurse Co-ordinator Treatment Monitoring Model’ for improved treatment outcomes at low cost in India
      − “Little HepB Hero” – the making of children hepatitis B ambassadors in families and community
      − Online-mediated HCV-RNA home-based testing to reduce incidence of hepatitis C virus infection among men who have sex with men in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – an initiative of the MC Free project
      − Innovative approaches towards a free village from viral hepatitis in Egypt

    Session objectives:

    • Learn the importance of innovation in developing hepatitis B and C control programs, policies and products.
    • Understand new products for hepatitis B and C control that could accelerate detection, treatment and retention.
    • Discuss new policies for expanding access to hepatitis B and C testing, treatment and prevention strategies.
    • Learn about new programs and public health interventions to optimize comprehensive hepatitis care.