About Carlos

  • Founder and coordinator of the Group Optimism;
  • Author of the books "Living with Hepatitis C" and "Healing Hepatitis C"; and Co-author of the books “Hepatitis C - critical aspects of a silent epidemic”; “HEPATITE C” and “Treating Viral Hepatitis and Associated Diseases”;
  • Health Advisor of the City of Rio de Janeiro;
  • Representative of the users in the Supplementary Health Chamber - CAMSS - of the National Supplementary Health Agency (2011/2013);
  • Founder and President of AIGA - Network of NGOs that make up the ‘Independent Alliance of Support Groups’ that articulates actions for Human Rights and Social Control in Hepatitis - www.aigabrasil.org;
  • Founder and Deputy Director of the World Hepatitis Alliance Geneva - Switzerland (2007/2009);
  • Awarded an "Honorary Award" in 2009 by the Brazilian Society of Infectology.

This speaker will be presenting at the following session(s)

  • Making elimination a reality


    Day: 1 November

    Time: 11:30

    This opening plenary session looks at the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the global implementation of viral hepatitis plans.

    Worldwide, approximately 257 million people have chronic hepatitis B infection and 71 million people have chronic hepatitis C infection - two liver infections that together result in an estimated 1.34 million deaths worldwide. A stepped-up global response can no longer be delayed.

    This session will bring together a group of visionaries from all walks of life who champion the cause of elimination to participate in a dialogue around achieving the common goal of elimination.

  • Addressing the neglected burden of hepatitis D

    Side meeting

    Day: 2 November

    Time: 17:30

    This evening side meeting will examine the challenges around the hepatitis D epidemic and what is being done to tackle it. Case studies will include Brazil’s response to the disease in the north of the country as well as highlights from the World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Viral Hepatitis (August 2017, Alaska).


    Moderator: Carlos Varaldo, NGO Aliança Independente dos Grupos de Apoio, (AIGA).

    • Global context of the hepatitis D treatment.
    • Plan of action of viral hepatitis in the Amazon region.
      Dr Adele Benzaken, Director of Dept. of STIs, HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis
    • Peru’s response to hepatitis D.
      Dr Cezar Cabezas, Viral Hepatitis Specialist, Instituto Nacional de Salud (INS)
    • Highlights from the World Indigenous Peoples Conference.
      Dr Wornei Braga, University of Amazonas