About Carlos

  • Founder and coordinator of the Group Optimism;
  • Author of the books "Living with Hepatitis C" and "Healing Hepatitis C"; and Co-author of the books “Hepatitis C - critical aspects of a silent epidemic”; “HEPATITE C” and “Treating Viral Hepatitis and Associated Diseases”;
  • Health Advisor of the City of Rio de Janeiro;
  • Representative of the users in the Supplementary Health Chamber - CAMSS - of the National Supplementary Health Agency (2011/2013);
  • Founder and President of AIGA - Network of NGOs that make up the ‘Independent Alliance of Support Groups’ that articulates actions for Human Rights and Social Control in Hepatitis - www.aigabrasil.org;
  • Founder and Deputy Director of the World Hepatitis Alliance Geneva - Switzerland (2007/2009);
  • Awarded an "Honorary Award" in 2009 by the Brazilian Society of Infectology.