About Yvan

Dr Yvan J-F. Hutin is a Technical Officer in charge of Strategic Information at the Global Hepatitis Programme (GHP) of the World Health Organization (WHO) Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. After a MD training and a residency in hepato-gastroenterology, he joined the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) of the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and completed a PhD in epidemiology at the University of Basel. As part of his public health career, he has worked in Burkina Faso, Uganda, India, China and Sweden. His areas of expertise include epidemiology and prevention of viral hepatitis and Field Epidemiology Training Programmes (FETPs).

This speaker will be presenting at the following session(s)

  • How to develop an investment case?

    Golden Hall

    Day: 1 November

    Time: 15:30

    Chair: Dr. Jeremy Lauer, World Health Organization and Dr. Mehlika Toy, Stanford University, USA


    • Economic analysis for HCV treatment in India: first building block of an investment case.
      Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences
    • The hepatitis C economic analysis calculator: an interactive tool at the service of countries.
    • Dr. Jagpreet Chhatwal, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital
    • Breakout interactive session with the calculator in the 28 focus countries.
    • From cost effectiveness of treatment towards a broad investment case.
    • Dr. Yvan Hutin, World Health Organization

    Session objectives:

    • Describe the role of an investment case/economic analysis in the national planning process.
    • Differentiate a cost effectiveness analysis from health care perspective from a broader cost-benefit analysis/investment case.
    • Identify the elements needed for a national investment case/economic analysis in practice.
  • Access to hepatitis medicines

    Golden Hall

    Day: 2 November

    Time: 11:15

    This panel session examines the key barriers and current strategies to scale up access to hepatitis treatment.

    Chair: Dr. Jackson Amone, Ministry of Health, Uganda and Ricardo Baptista Leite, Member of the Portuguese Parliament and Católica University of Portugal


    • Generic DAAs; where they are and for how much.
    • Giten Khwairakpam, amfAR
    • What price for what drug: is there a science to it?
    • Dr. Andrew Hill, Liverpool University, UK
    • Options for treatment access in countries with and without access to generics and role of different actors.
    • Dr. Yvan Hutin, World Health Organization


    • To review different approaches to overcoming access barriers and the progress made.


  • Measuring access to medicines and reporting mechanisms

    Ballroom 3

    Day: 2 November

    Time: 12:00

    Chairs: Dr. Jose Gerard B. Belimac, Department of Health, Philippines and Dr. B. B. Rewari, World Health Organization


    • Patient-centered monitoring and case surveillance: an HIV example.
      Frank Lule, World Hepatitis Organization
    • Country experiences.
    • Implementation of the Federal Registry for Viral Hepatitis B, C and D in Russia: Dr. Vladimir Chulanov, Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, Moscow, Russia  Mongolia: Dr. Chinburen Jigjidsuren, Ministry of Health, Mongolia
    • Indicators to measure and report treatment coverage.
    • Yvan Hutin, World Health Organization
    • Q & A session.